Street track

Meet the setonix
Tubing Dedacciai Zero 25th anniversary
Dropouts Stainless steel horizontal
Fork Wound up (4 to 6 months lead times)
BB BSC 68mm
Headtube External 1”1/8
Seatpost ∅ 27,2
Spacing 100 front, 120 rear
Tire clearance 28mm
Weight 1500 grams (Frame only, medium size)
Brakes none

This well known bike now has a name! Say hi to the Setonix. If you want to shred the streets or just be the cool kid of the group ride, this frame is made for you! This model is the result of hours of design and mind torturing to find the balance between not enough and too much. Bringing a steel lightweight, performant, attractive and comfortable fixed gear isn’t an easy task, but we did it, and we did it well.

The bespoke fixed gear bike designed for urban shredders and style-conscious riders. With a lightweight steel frame that’s both strong and comfortable, the Setonix is built to handle anything the city can throw at you. The sleek and stylish design turns heads, but it’s the bike’s quality that really sets it apart. Thanks to its responsive handling and smooth ride quality, the Setonix is perfect for quick sprints or longer rides. So whether you’re racing through traffic or cruising with friends, the Setonix has the speed and agility you need to dominate the streets.

Frame features
Welding type
Fillet brazed with a smooth filed finish
Stays shape
Seat stay type
Seat clamp
Tube shape
Round and ovalized
Serial number
Stamp brass plate under the bottom bracket shell
Frameset pricing
from 2800 €
Pre-tax: 2333 €
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setonix XS / 50 S / 52 M / 54 L / 56 XL / 58
A / Effective Top Tube 500525540560580
B / Seat tube (c to c) 476508540560580
C / Chainstay 380382382384384
D / BB drop 5050505050
E / Head Tube 95115140160175
F / Reach 380391390404415
G / Stack 493512540561576
H / Wheelbase 932948945962978
I / Axle to crown 368368368368368
R / Fork rake 3535353535
X / Seat tube angle 7675,574,574,574
Y / Head tube angle 72,5737474,574,5
Water bottle bosses
Zero, one or two included in price
Stainless steel brazed headbadge
+ 75 €
Columbus max tubing
+ 150 €
Columbus max steel fork
+ 100 €
Custom geometry
+ 400 €
Within size chart, if you’re outside of the chart, we’ve got you covered for + 150 €
Solid color painted logos
+ 120 €
Two colors alcohol ink
Solid color painted logos
+ 780 €
One color alcohol ink
Solid color painted logos
+ 600 €
One color glitter
Solid color painted logos
+ 120 €
Three color fade
Solid color painted logos
+ 200 €
Two color fade
Solid color painted logos
Solid color
Solid color painted logos
Full custom on request (gold leaf, marble effect, splatter, chameleon fade or whatever you have in mind just get in touch with us and we will discuss it together)
Frameset pricing
from 2800 €
Pre-tax: 2333 €
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