First things first, to secure one of the few available spots in our production list and to have the possibility of riding a hand crafted Quokka frame, you have to pay a deposit. No refund will be allowed, we are building the bike just for you. Please make sure to order the correct size as we want the bike to fit you perfectly for an ultimate riding experience. No refund will be allowed in case of incorrect size order.


We are building the frame especially for you and by hand. Our main concern is to exceed your expectations and it can sometimes take a little bit more time than expected, even if we are working really hard to ship all the frames right on time. You will always be able to contact us and have some news on the delivery date of your frame.

Complete Bike

Do you want a complete bike ? Just know that everything is possible. There is no limit, your imagination is the only one. Keep in mind that building a complete bike can take more time. This is caused by the supply chain shortcomings in the cycling industry. We will of course keep you posted and do our best to complete your bike as soon as possible. Let’s get in touch to create the perfect parts mashup for your Quokka frame.


A selection of available paint jobs are on the website. Please select the one that fits you. Depending on the technique used for your frame, additional fees can be charged. All the available colors are not displayed on the website. We will get in touch with you to discuss your paint choices after we receive your deposit.


We will reach out to you within 2 business days to finalize the last details after your deposit. Feel free to ask all your questions. We will be very happy to help you in the configuration process.


Shipping costs will be charged to you during the last payment when the bike is painted and ready to be shipped. International shipping is of course available. All our bikes will be covered by insurance during the shipping. We take every precaution to ensure your package is properly prepared for shipment. However, please note that we are not responsible for any damage that may occur during the shipping process, as this is outside of our control. Please be very careful when receiving the bike to check if everything is alright.


Quokka Cycles provides a specific 10-year limited warranty to the original owner. This warranty is non-transferable and covers defects in materials and workmanship. Quokka Cycles will not be held responsible for wear and tear due to age, accidental damage or failure resulting from use other than that originally intended. The warranty does not apply to replacements or repairs resulting from normal wear and tear, deterioration or accidents due to improper assembly, lack of maintenance, or use of the equipment in conditions for which it was not intended. In the unfortunate event of a theft or accident that requires the replacement of the frame, we offer favorable terms on the purchase of a new frame to all Quokka Cycles customers who wish to take advantage of this. We know it’s a tough time to go through and we will help as best as we can to see you back on a bike as soon as you can. The peripherals mounted on the bikes will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.